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I like bratwurst too. We have a good meat market here in our town. I am not so crazy about potatoes though. My little sister loves anything buttery so she would probably love the potatoes!

Just last week I tried couscous. It was like rice but it didn't taste very good. To me it was kind of bitter. I also tried mint tea and it was delicious! It tasted like mint that was warmed up and liquid.

We also went out for sushi (my favorite food!); it was out of this world! Mmmm. For dessert we tried green tea pudding; we've never done that before. It was good. We tried green tea ice cream at home before but it was really gross so I thought the pudding would be gross too. I was surprised it was so good.

I enjoy reading about your trip. Thank you for sharing.


Sushi is our favorite food too! We even had it here in Germany the other night but it tasted like American sushi and not quite like Japanese sushi- which is so good!

My little sister loves couscous because she likes all pasta- even though she usually calls it rice. I like the kind out of the box from whole foods with the seasoning in it- they don't have those in Germany though.

I love green tea ice-cream! I really like things bitter though, but my sister does not. We've never tried the pudding. At least in the US they don't put red beans in their green tea ice-cream, because I do not like those.

Thanks for writing!

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