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Hi Chantelle and Nakia ~
We hope your teeth are feeling better, Chantelle! Cute braces - we love blue! So, I was thinking you might like this potato recipe I made up. Garlic roasted red potatoes. You cut red potatoes in quarters and then you make a sauce. The sauce is made out of chopped garlic, basil (you can also use rosemary), black pepper, sea salt, pasta seasoning (or any other seasoning you like) and EVOO. We put the potatoes in a glass dish and drizzle the sauce over the potatoes. We bake them at 375 degrees and occasionally stir them. They are done when they are slightly browned and a fork goes through them easily.
Your friend,

That sounds delicious! It reminds us of what we ate almost every night on the caravan in Ireland- potatoes with EVOO and sea salt. Since we didn't have a fridge the potatoes worked great. Oh, and we usually opened up a can of sardines to go with it- yum!

Sounds like a yummy soup to help with sour teeth! I'll have to show the recipe to my girls. They love to cook. My 5 year old likes us to refer to her as "little chef" (or "Frida.")

Cute! i miss my braces :)

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